Emerging Technologies is the first United Arab Emirates software application developer of Arabic (also available in English and Hindi) voice recognition solutions. At Emerging Technologies, we develop and deploy fully automated voice recognition applications to meet specific business wants and needs. With Emerging Technologies' voice-enabled solutions, people can use their natural voice, language, dialect and accent to make telephone enquiries at anytime from anywhere. Thanks to the system's advanced human-like interaction, callers will "simply speak!" and often may not realise that they're actually conversing with a computer system and not a live agent. Our state-of-the-art applications bring an end to the frustration customers usually experience with the traditional touch-tone menu systems.

Arabic Voice Recognition System: Our high quality, human-like, multi-accent and multi-dialect Arabic voice recognition solutions are mature, stable and guaranteed to work on any industry platform. They have been carefully designed to offer medium to large size organisations in Arabic speaking countries an innovative way to efficiently handle high volumes of incoming (and outgoing) calls.As opposed to traditional IVR systems which leave many users frustrated, our voice recognition solutions allow callers to quickly and accurately find answers to their questions and queries any time of the day. Callers will often not realise that they're actually conversing with a computer system and not a human being.We have invested over seven years developing our Arabic voice recognition solutions to include the many different accents and dialects in the Arab world. So it doesn't matter where you come from or how you talk. If it's Arabic that you're speaking, our system will understand you. No one else in the industry can make such a claim.

Healthcare: With Dictaphone's Digital Dictation solution "Enterprise Express Voice & Text", you can easily record your medical reports using telephone, mobile, Digital Recorder, PDA, PC or any other recording device. Your recording(s) will then be automatically sent to the transcriptionist to be transcribed and returned to you for final review and sign off. Once signed off, the document could be automatically distributed and uploaded in to the main database. Patient Demographics could be automatically populated in the report by using HL7 integration with the HIS. Alternatively, using Dictaphone's real-time voice recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical), you can create reports on the fly by simply dictating your report directly to your PC, editing it and signing it off.

Productivity: Dedicated to streamlining business processes, Emerging Technologies offers a full line of productivity solutions which are targeted at both business and consumer markets in the region. Our productivity solutions include the world's largest speech recognition and document management software, including dictation, OCR, imaging and PDF solutions, all of which are designed to improve personal and business productivity by making the process of creating, using, searching and sharing information and documentation easier, faster and more productive.

For more information, please visit our Website: http://www.em-t.com

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