Cassells Horse Management & Services Establishment: Cassells Group,with distinctive management, experience established Cassells Horse Management an institution solely for the purpose of stable management facilities. The management of this institution comprising a group of skilled professionals with concrete policies as trainers, veterinarians and as a result of this experience Cassells Group managed to win the confidence of the armed forces represented in the Amiri Guard who has proposed to given the management of Amiri Guards horses entirely under Cassells Horses Management and a contract was signed with Abu Dhabi Police to house their horses, caring, supervising and training.

Cassells Group, Post Box: 4553,
Mezzanine Floor, Corniche Tower - D Block,
Khalidia, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.
T: +971 2 681 7666
F: +971 2 681 7669

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