Property Management: Working in ‘Partnership’ between the owners and tenants and having managed over hundreds of residential and commercial complexes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Cassells offers the following services:

  • Computerised financial accounting, budget management and digital document storage.
  • Marketing and leasing of vacant space Management of building tenants and tenancy records.
  • Monitoring performance and ensuring value through active assets management
  • Leasing investment purchase and disposal services.
  • Corporate lease management.
  • Independent property surveys.
  • Property valuation and improvement report.
  • Detailed owner’s reporting procedures.
  • Professional maintenance services including electromechanical.
  • Master plan design in association with international consultants.
  • Real estate investment for both individuals and companies.
  • Tourist area development.
  • Feasibility studies: Analysis of existing portfolio determining the risks of consolidation, expansion, acquisition or sale of real assets.
  • Finance management.
  • Local market supply and demand evaluation.
  • Property development.
  • Joint ventures.

Cassells works with its ‘Partners’ to help them own more properties while the group takes over the duties of managing the project. The Cassells group is like a manager that is here to do all the legwork for you while you see your dream turn into reality without ever worrying about any hassles that might arise. Here is a discloser of duties that we can handle for you:

Representative Manager: Cassells collaborates with its investors by acting as their representative in managing their real estate investments and developments. Once an agreement is signed mutually, Cassells will manage all aspects of the development- right from government relations to make sure all regulations are being followed, to appointing consultants, contractors, designers and bank finance. We will also manage the construction process from start to end, the sales and marketing aspects and post project completion services.

Feasibility Studies: The group offers consulting, executive and technical services relating to property development and construction that include comprehensive functions such as a wide range of engineering and contracting services covering every stage of a project from reviewing and checking plans and tenders to supervision of execution and ultimately handing over the keys to the owner on successful completion. Furthermore, Cassells also ensures building efficiency through active sub contractor performance analysis and value engineering.


Brokerage & Leasing Services: Cassells can perform as a broker by buying or selling property that you own or that you have invested in. Using its extensive database of buyers and sellers that we have built over the years, Cassells can help achieve the highest occupancy levels along with timely rental payments. In other words, we help to find the ideal match between a client’s investment specification and a property investment opportunity.

Personalized Marketer: Cassells also act as a sole marketer on behalf of its investors in order to promote their properties. Cassells performs as the captain of the ship by handling the process completely, responding to market trends while our clients keep their eyes on the bigger picture. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry coupled with our energetic customer care representatives will assure maximum return on your investment. Additionally, our spontaneous marketing research team will constantly guide you to manage your dealings efficiently.

Facilities Manager: Cassells realises the importance of managing the longevity of a property and thus its maintenance department is solely assigned to handle the day-to-day operations. The chores range from cleaning and landscape upkeep, security services to physical property maintenance and so on. Our round the clock maintenance team frees you from the mundane and routine tasks of safeguarding and maintaining your property, leaving it to us.

Residential & Hotel Manager: Cassells is active in developing and managing all types of residential properties (furnished/unfurnished apartments, villas, high-rise buildings and flats), office towers, hotels, warehouses, retail shops and shopping malls. Cassells caters to corporate tenants providing housing facilities for their workforce enduring term the satisfaction of all the amenities possible. Some of the benefits our tenants enjoy are:

  • Furnished Luxury Apartments & Villas.
  • 24-hours Maintenance, security and cleaning services.
  • Entertainment services, including a fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, and children’s play rooms.
  • Payment of electricity, water and telephone bills on behalf of the tenants.
  • Reserved car parking facilities.
  • Pest control.
  • Exceptional office spaces and prime retail outlets filled with state-of-the art equipment for commercial tenants.

Cassells has developed an impressive portfolio over the years, serving corporate tenants like major government offices and oil companies.

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Khalidia, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.
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